Reuben’s Poetry Studio

Reuben’s poems are true expressions of his life experiences. He believes human experiences are like mirrors, though may not be completely the same, they are parallel. Thus, sharing these experiences help connect one another through shared life experiences. A symbol of hope; we are not alone.

My accidental love affair

Your love is a symptom of faux pas.

My grandma always says early to bed, early to rise

With you, it’s late to bed, rise, and shine

We don’t even cross at zebra marks anymore,

I go on and off the grid without shame

The shame of judgment next door

The fingers that point from afar

With you, it’s freedom

We run across streets without caution

like kids running home

smiling and laughing barefooted on the streets

Each moment with you is a heart leaping adventure

At least now I dress up with a purpose

wear a perfect cologne for summer

now I sing whiles bathing

the songs you wrote for me,

Despite the mountains in your life, the hidden sorrows

you pen and paint better to illustrate your love

You grow a lasting hopeful seed in my heart

A Seed merchants seek in the woods

Your love is A spontaneous irritation

One with a distorted metamorphosis but attractive

I hope to coin a name for it when I grow older

With you, I fear time

I fear Moments that expire in seconds

The Seconds that diminish in our eyes

Oh Yes! I do!

Just you and I living in a world of voices

The voices that want to toast and drink to our vows

The voices that lay the standards

The standards that become the invisible rules

written on the foreheads and fingers of our neighbors

Rules written by our shadows

But enforced by our conscience and traditions

Shaped and arranged by visible eyes of judges

Judges in every corner of our web

Only if we can say ‘yes I do,’ these eyes will shut in tears

While their teeth shine in laugher

with cheers from their throat

Cheering us on for three


DOES love qualifies us to say, ‘I do!’?

I wonder if we met those requirements

Even if we did, would it be up to their standards?

Can I ask why you said yes at all?

Was it just the love?

Is love alone enough?

WHY did I say yes?

for my mother? My friends? for Society?

I don’t even know! Does it even matter to anyone?

We made everyone toast and drink to our vows

We gave them a voice to our union

Voices of shadows that lay the standards

And we met their standards, but not our standards!

The standards that became invisible rules, written on the foreheads and fingers of our families.

Who cares if we only loved our child?

Who cares if we eat from different plates at night?

hold hands, wave, and smile as we walk on the streets

After all, we met their standards

The same standard that became rules

Rules of the soothsayer that sees our hearts

Elements that meet their caliber, not mine or yours

After all, it’s “yes I do!”

And yes! It made us toast, cheer, and grind

Yes! I said yes to you, to please and appease you.

So, keep on with your cheers at the altar

And Continue with your giggling in the bars at night

next season, the tradition continues,

AS others toast and say three!

‘YES! I Do!’

You Evil Hope!

I was just married to myself with no hope to life

So why would you want to torture me this way?

Love is a myth, at least that’s what I know; see it

So why would you want to punish me this selflessly?

I was never ready

I never welcomed you

you evil hope

You came here all crowned in my favorite colors

Flawless palm, contagious smile

Came all sweet in melodies

And disappeared into the ocean

you coward!

galloper of hope, deep in romance, precious in thoughts

you fed me timely and showed me perfection

I am unable to avoid those allergic fruits you feed me

They are just too sweet and tempting

But how could you know everything

Who are you?

You evil hope!

You can’t even stay one more day?

I was married to myself.

Thinking love was a myth, now here I am in your face!

Cuddled in your mesh

I hate you! You evil-doer!

Please leave me!

I was not ready for this fictional experience

You killed my old soul and fed it a new life

You escaped when it was all ripe and new

You came from nowhere just to make me this sweet and disappear, you coward!

I was sleeping all alone, in my slumber, waiting for no one!

Sorry to call you evil; I just had so much hope!

I want more

Forgive my words

You are no coward!

Let me in

Wait till sunset

I am the evil hope

crown me once more!

Make me your slave!


You hate my complexion

, yet you wear my skin

My birth name disgusts you

, but my birthplace attracts you!

Yes! The diamond, the gold, oil, copper, even the unknown

I am melanin made, sufficient to share.

I mix and mark any color.

That’s the color you hate! Right? Kudos!

The disrespect, the dishonor, the abuse, the insults, fouls, even the offsides!

Once upon a time, we were traded,

bought, and sold like fish from the fishermen.

Born and bred in rich sunlight from the sun.

Then named by the warrior I never met but heard of

As you point your fingers at what you hate

mind the rain that falls on the poor and the rich

The sun that shines on the tall and the short

The air that the smart and the fool breathes

Thank you for your actions and not your words

Today may be your year of harvest but mind you

the baby that started on four legs, then migrated to two, may walk on three.

the sun that shines on your farmland shines on my roof

the moon and the stars that light up above my house

guided the wise men

Remember, some seasons round up the year,

Your attitude is what you feed me, not your words.

I am only an icon

A representation of kings and queens

Once again! I want to say, Kudos!

The Vivid Details


Honest? Maybe you should not be. Telling the truth comes at a cost and so does deceit. But our bet when we are honest is to receive goodness, and yet sourness is the reward. So, if that is your yesterday then I am guided about my tomorrow.


Smile, that’s how we greet each other. But that’s just an act. We may toast to the break of day and say cheers to the sight of dusk, but we look upon our handshakes with livid eyes of detest.


Favor! So, it is spelt but suggests debt. A debt one must surely pay back. Of course, there is no free lunch. No matter the time, 12 midnight or noon, the debt must be paid.                

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I am just a Dreamer of Words

- Reuben Seyram Komla Agbozo